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July 21, 2010 / amyjmcintosh

Asiago cheese plate

I recently discovered a new type of cheese during a spontaneous visit to gourmet providore, Fratelli Fresh providore in Waterloo, Sydney. It’s called Asiago and it’s bloody lovely!

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Apparently it changes texture as it ages. The stuff I bought was really soft and pliable – kind of like mozzarella. I served it with tomato and capsicum relish and seeded French stick with extra virgin olive oil. The perfect dinner party starter. They say a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips, but when food tastes this good it’s worth the lifetime!

If you haven’t already ventured to Fratelli Fresh, get your butt there pronto! Put simply, it is every foodie’s dream – two stories of the freshest fruit and veg, Italian cheeses, aged balsamics, truffle oils, noughat, egg pasta and the list goes on. I’m heading back there soon for lunch with one of my friends. Looks like heaven to me.

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