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September 5, 2010 / amyjmcintosh


I can proudly boast that Paul makes the best roast potatoes on the planet. Golden and crispy on the outside, soft and smooth on the inside. So, what’s the secret to these roasted gems? Well, I asked Paul to give me the low down.

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First choose the right potatoes for roasting. You’re best to opt for a floury potato like King Edward, Maris Piper or Desiree as they are perfect for roasts. Peel and cut the potatoes into sections (3-4 per potato) the flatter the cuts, the crispier the potatoes, but less healthy. Bring the potatoes to the boil in almost enough water to cover then par boil for 5 mins. Remove from heat, strain the potatoes and shake them in the pan to smash them slightly.

Put the baking tray in the pre-heated oven (the temperature is normally set by what the potatoes are accompanying but around 200 C is normal). Once the oil is hot (about 10 mins), carefully add the potatoes making sure they get coated in the oil. Cook the potatoes for 50 mins or until crispy turning once after 30 minutes.

Paul’s special tip: Cooking it in goose fat makes it taste better.

Looking for a nice meat recipe to go with your potatoes? Look no further than dinner party menu that contains a delicious BBQ leg of lamb recipe by Jamie Oliver.

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  1. earle mcintosh / Oct 12 2010 10:21 am

    Paul, these are definitely a winner. We have also adapted this recipe for chips. Awesome chips with only two teaspoons of oil. Great for the cardiodiet. Jen

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