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March 9, 2011 / amyjmcintosh

Raw food recipes

Lemon coconut cheesecake

Let’s face it, there’s more food movements out there than you can poke a stick at – veganism, vegetarianism, gluten-free, wheat-free, slow food, macrobiotic. Just thinking about it makes me want to eat a cheeseburger. But here’s one you may not have heard of – raw foodism. It was flying under my foodie radar until a recent trip to Byron Bay (the organic and spiritual centre of New South Wales) where my best friend educated me on the virtues of this foodie movement.

So, what is raw food or rawism as it’s also known? Well, the theory goes that when food is uncooked and unprocessed, all the energy and nutritional goodness is retained. Raw foodists believe the greater the percentage of raw food in the diet, the greater the health benefits. Think fruit, vegies, nuts, whole grains, non-pasteurised dairy products… you get the picture?

To help further my education in raw foodism, my bestie (Bec) took me along to the Bangalow Food Markets to stock up on some raw food desserts. Bec knows more than anyone how much I love dessert, and more importantly, how deprived my dessert stomach has been since embarking on my food-sensitivity diet last year. So, off to the markets we went to load up on choccie bliss balls, chocolate beetroot fudge cake and lemon coconut “cheese” cake. I was like a pig in mud.

Chocolate beetroot fudge cake

Raw chocolate beetroot fudge cake. It tasted like cherry ripe.

Honestly, I couldn’t believe my luck at these marvels. It was like discovering a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. “You mean, I can really eat these?” I repeatedly asked to a resounding, “Yes you can!”. These desserts are so healthy, you almost feel like you’re wearing a halo whilst eating them. Not only are they dairy, sugar and wheat-free, but they’re actually good for you.

Chocolate beetroot fudge cake

Raw chocolate beetroot fudge cake makes me happy.

Raw lemon coconut cheesecake

Raw lemon coconut cheesecake rocks my world.

So, let’s confront the elephant in the room. How on earth do you make a cake without eggs, milk and flour and stuff? Well, I’m glad you asked. I was wondering the same thing myself. Raw foodists are a creative and resourceful bunch. They use things like avocado, pitted dates, coconut oil, spices, nuts and oil and mash it all together and stick it in the fridge. It might not sound appetising, but trust me, these desserts are good… especially if you’re like me and can’t eat processed desserts. Be warned though, these babies are filling. Eat the whole slice in one sitting and risk bursting at the seams.

To keep the raw food dream alive, Bec has lent me a cookbook by raw food crusader Ani Phyo. The book is called Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen. It’s jam-packed full of raw food recipes, including this cashew coconut pudding and cacao pudding brekky recipe.


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  1. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella / Apr 8 2011 7:38 pm

    I have to admit it feels much healthier eating raw food. In fact I think if I had a raw food chef I’d quite happily eat it! It’s just finding and making the recipes that I think I’d struggle with (at first at least) 🙂

  2. Brooke / Apr 28 2011 1:53 pm

    This sounds awesome. We recently re-discovered the Bangalow Markets after moving away from the area 18 years ago (I’m old!). I can’t wait to go back, will have to hunt down these raw foods. As a Mum I’m totally into adding more goodness into what my son eats.

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